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Mold Inspections

Building Investigation:

This investigation is a visual survey of exterior and interior conditions, that may cause moisture problems within the Home or building. This also helps to define the extent of water intrusion from known sources such as plumbing, roof or flood leaks etc.  Interior areas are visually inspected as well as collecting moisture levels and Thermal Image pictures  verifing to detect the locations of moisture. Reports include  recommended corrective and preventative measures to prevent further damage and cost. 

In addition to the Building Inspection, we include scientific air sampling as well as surface or bulk sampling when mold is visibly detected. Laboratory analysis for spore count level and type is conducted by an AIHA Certified Laboratory. Invasive inspection methods may be necessary when high moisture conditions are measured in concealed spaces. 


Additional Parameters and Objectives Include:

  • Identify concentrated areas of mold growth
  • Identify mold types
  • Identify levels of airborne spores
  • Report of findings, including recommendations based on laboratory analysis.

Protocol Reporting:

Occasionally it is advantageous to have a remediation protocol established by a source other than the remediation company. A protocol is a complete scope of work following current industry standards that is compiled for a specific project. It becomes the minimum guidelines by which the remediation company will follow.

Clearance Testing:

Once remediation is Complete, it is often advisable to perform clearance testing to insure that the remediation is complete. This involves taking samples from the site to have them analyzed in an accredited laboratory. After a satisfactory assessment of the results, a clearance report is issued. The clearance report is important documentation for situations involving Real Estate transactions (current and future) and Landlords/tenant circumstances. 

Clearance Reports are in conjuction with the curent S-500, S-520 standards reflecting the remediated area only.

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HomeAboutContact UsServicesImage GalleryMold InspectionsRadon TestingLead/Asbestos Allergen AssessmentFAQFungal Facts/Reports